Renters’ Meeting and Food Access Task Force

Attendees have decided to work on a solution to food access for Elliot Park.  Residents need a physical location that is within walking distance for the whole neighborhood.  Healthy and affordable food needs to be provided at prices that are affordable for everyone.  Having premade food available is important to many folks who don’t always have the time and energy to cook a full meal from scratch. We hope that the final solution can provide an important amenity that appeals to all Elliot Park community members and can become a central community hub.  A team of dedicated volunteers will be working on this issue through 2020.  If you are passionate about food access and want to join the task force then please contact your community organizer at and ask for more information.  Please also feel free to contact us to share your food stories and join us at our monthly meeting.

If you have another important issue, such as a renters’ rights need, then please attend our meeting and share your story with us or contact

The Renters’ Meeting/Food Access Task Force meets the 1st Wednesday of every month at ImpactHUB, 817 5th Ave S, 4th floor, at 6 PM.  (Meeting date may change around holidays, so be sure to check our events calendar)