Building, Land Use, & Housing Committee (BLUH)

EPNI Building, Land Use, and Housing (BLUH) Committee

The Building, Land Use, & Housing (BLUH – pronounced “blue”) meets the third Thursday of the month, 6:00 PM, at the Elliot Park Recreation Center (1000 E. 14th Street).  The BLUH committee oversees the quality of Elliot Park’s physical infrastructure.  Land use, property disposition, housing and development issues are regular agenda items at BLUH committee meetings.  Zoning variances and conditional use permits required by the city for property developments are considered and voted on by BLUH.  BLUH also provides visions for the future of Elliot Park through various task forces that focus on planning, public improvements, urban design guidelines and property development.   Passed motions from the BLUH committee are forwarded to the EPNI Board of Directors for consideration.

All are welcome to attend the BLUH meetings.  If you live, work, or own property in Elliot Park, you are a voting member of BLUH.

Agendas for the meeting are posted one week prior and can be found on the calendar page.

Jerry Dustrud chairs the BLUH Committee.

BLUH Actions

Wells Fargo Site – BLUH Recommendations Letter 09-25-18
7th Street & 5th Avenue (Smith Lot) Conceptual Support 09-18-18
8th & Portland Conceptual Support Letter 7-12-18
Letter to City of Minneapolis re: Minneapolis 2040
7th & Portland Final Design Support Letter 07-23-18
House of Charity Park 7 Final Design Support Letter 5-17-18
Thrivent HQ Final Approval Letter 05-17-18
Digital Billboards Support Letter 4-25-18
7th & Portland Conceptual Support Letter 4-25-18
Troy Building Conceptual – EPNI Support Letter 4-25-18
Thrivent HQ Concept Support Ltr 03-22-18
House of Charity Letter of Support 03-20-18

BLUH Meeting Minutes

BLUH Minutes 10-18-18
BLUH Minutes 09-20-18
BLUH Minutes 08-16-18
BLUH Minutes 07-19-18
BLUH Minutes 06-21-18
BLUH Committee did not meet in May 2018
BLUH minutes 04-19-18
BLUH minutes 03-15-2018

BLUH minutes 02-16-2018

BLUH minutes 1-18-18

BLUH Committee did not meet in December 2017
BLUH minutes 11-16-2017
BLUH minutes 10-19-2017
BLUH minutes 9-21-2017
BLUH minutes 8-17-2017
BLUH Committee did not meet in July 2017
BLUH minutes 6-15-2017
BLUH minutes 5-18-2017
BLUH Committee did not meet in March or April 2017
BLUH minutes-2-16-2017
BLUH minutes-1-19-2017
BLUH Committee did not meet in December 2016
BLUH minutes-11-17-2016
BLUH Committee did not meet in September 2016
BLUH minutes-8-18-2016
BLUH minutes 7-21-2016
BLUH minutes 6-16-2016
BLUH minutes 5-19-2016
BLUH minutes 4-21-2016
BLUH minutes 3-17-2016
BLUH minutes 2-18-2016
BLUH minutes 1-21-2016
BLUH minutes 12-17-2015
BLUH minutes 11-19-2015
BLUH Committee did not meet in October 2015
BLUH minutes 9-17-2015
BLUH minutes 8-20-2015
BLUH Committee did not meet in July 2015
BLUH minutes 6-18-2015
BLUH minutes 5-21-2015
BLUH minutes 4-16-2015
BLUH minutes 3-19-2015
BLUH minutes 2-19-2015
BLUH minutes 1-15-2015
BLUH Minutes 12-18-2014
BLUH minutes 11-20-2014
BLUH minutes 10-16-2014
BLUH minutes 9-18-2014
BLUH minutes 8-21-2014
BLUH Committee did not meet in July 2014
BLUH minutes 6-19-2014
BLUH Committee did not meet in May 2014
BLUH minutes 4-17-2014
BLUH minutes 3-20-2014
BLUH minutes 10-17-2013
BLUH minutes 9-19-2013
BLUH minutes 6-20-2013
BLUH minutes 5-16-2013
BLUH minutes 3-21-2013
BLUH minutes 1-17-2013
BLUH Minutes 10-2012
BLUH Minutes 9-20-2012
BLUH Minutes 8-2012
BLUH MNUTES: July 2012

BLUH MINUTES: April 2012

BLUH MINUTES: March 2012

BLUH MINUTES: February 2012
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BLUH Committee did not meet in December 2011
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BLUH Committee did not meet in July 2011
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BLUH Committee did not meet in December 2010
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BLUH Committee did not meet in August 2010
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